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Nepal floods death toll nears 100; 129 missing

Publication Date : 18-08-2014


At least 98 people have been killed in incidents of flood and landslide across Nepal since Thursday, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The National Emergency Operations Centre stated on Sunday that 37 people were injured in monsoon-related disasters while 129 have gone missing in the past four days.

As many as 328 houses were destroyed with 145 others damaged partially. A total of 11,584 houses were inundated by floods and 12,750 families displaced.

Surkhet is the worst hit district with 28 deaths, 98 missing persons, 379 houses swept away and 1,700 families displaced.

In Bardiya, at least 17 people have been killed, 3,837 houses inundated and 7,000 families displaced. In Banke, five people have died, 6,364 houses were flooded and 2,005 families rendered homeless.

Twenty five districts, mostly in far-western and mid-western regions, saw most destruction due to floods and mudslides triggered by heavy downpours. Over 18,000 people were rescued.

The Sunkoshi disaster in Sindhupalchok on August 2 killed more than 150 people while rescue officials are still looking for bodies buried in a massive landslide.

According to the home ministry, the 12 injured in Jajarkot and Rolpa were airlifted to Surkhet and Dang for treatment.

Over 17,000 families displaced by landslides and inundation were rescued by government agencies and Red Cross and with help from local organisations.

They have been sheltered in camps at schools and community buildings. Some are staying with their relatives.

Rice, noodles, biscuits, sugar, water and water purifier solutions were distributed for the 5,000 victims in Surkhet, 6,000 in Bardiya and 6,334 in Banke districts on Sunday.

Flooring tarpaulin, tents, blankets, utensils and medical kits were distributed in affected areas. “Attempts are under way to reconnect damaged sections of highways,” the ministry stated.

Outbreaks of cholera and other diseases are feared in affected areas, compounded by the government’s lack of preparedness for another untoward situation.

“We have made all necessary medical arrangements in probable areas,” said Yadav Koirala, chief of the natural disaster division at the ministry.

In a sharp contrast to the massive loss of properties and lives, the ministry has distributed a meagre 706,000 Nepalese rupees (US$7,214) in relief. The distribution was in Rukum and Dang districts.

Koirala said three helicopters have been put on stand-by in Surkhet for rescue and aid distribution. “We have been providing food and tents in Banke, Bardiya and Dang districts. Relief distribution is expected to ease from Monday due to receding rivers,” he said.

Some 2,000 rescue workers including the army, police personnel, and social workers are deployed in disaster zones. Bad weather has hampered their efforts.



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