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Myanmar to privatise railways soon

Publication Date : 03-01-2014


Myanmar’s government is planning to privatise some of the state-owned railway lines soon, including the Yangon circular railway system, according to the Ministry of Rail Transportation.

The privatization will include a Yangon circular train, a Yangon-Mandalay train and a Yangon-Myitkyina train. The privatisation plan is now under way and the Yangon-Myitkyina rail line will be prioritised, the ministry said.

Many changes have been made in Myanmar’s railway sector since 2011. The Yangon-Mandalay railroad and the Yangon circular railway system are currently undergoing upgrades. Buildings under the ministry have been rented out to private companies, and a plan to renovate the Yangon Central Railway Station is also under way.

The ministry said that only a few of the more than 400 train lines under its management across the country can be described as money-makers.


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