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Myanmar monks stage protest against Time magazine

A Buddhist monk protesting against Time magazine on June 30 in Yangon. Photo by Eleven Media

Publication Date : 01-07-2013


More than 1,000 Buddhist monks and Myanmar citizens gathered near Sule Pagoda in Yangon and staged a protest against Time magazine’s cover story for July issue “The Face of Buddhist Terror” and writer Hannah Beech on June 30.

The protest was permitted by the authorities and it was the largest protesters in number when compared with those that took place before.

The protesters also strongly supported President Thein Sein who protested against the words expressed in the article.

Buddhist monks and supporters arriving in the US will stage a demonstration with the intention of bitterly opposing the words used in the story at the headquarters of Time in New York on July 5, said Buddhist monk U Parmaukkha.

"What we work is to safeguard our religion and nationality. The Time and its author go against journalistic codes of conduct. We will step up to protect religion and nationality," said legal adviser Aye Paing of Theravada Buddhism Dhamma Network.

"The Myanmar government should sue Time magazine. Buddhism is peace and calmness guiding principle. The various organisations in Myanmar strongly opposed the accusation of Time magazine," said an activist Aung Myaing of Theravada Buddhism Dhamma Network.

The protesters were holding placards writing “Buddhism is not terror”, “We denounce Time magazine”, “Does Hannah Beech write accusing Buddhism of being terroristic by history or by money?” We support President Thein Sein” and “We support the writing of the law to protect religion and nationality led by U Wirathu”.

The State-owned newspapers on June 29 announced that the government strongly objected to Time magazine dated on June 23.

The magazine featured the portrayal of U Wirathu along with the article titled “When Buddhists go bad” on its July issue cover, expressing that Buddhists are hot-blooded and naughty groups of Buddhists have been targeting to attack minority of religion since a few years ago.


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