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Myanmar Islam leaders condemn 'jihad'

Publication Date : 07-05-2013


Islamic clerics in Myanmar vowed to work with other nationalities to protect country against outside enemies, including extremist group that has threatened to attack Myanmar interest in the name of jihad, or Islam’s holy war.

According to the Islamic religious leaders in Myanmar, “Jihad” means doing the good deeds, and so do Muslim people in Myanmar. They adopt themselves as the compatriots of Myanmar. They condemn any action of terrorism, ruining Myanmar and her public well-beings.

Vice President of the Islam Religious Affairs Council Myanmar, Aye Kyu said, “All Muslims have to value the country’s well-beings since we take the country’s shelter. We all will cooperate with Myanmar people to protest against terrorists. We don’t want such kinds of insult in the name of jihad.”

There are five big organisations of Muslim in Myanmar – Myanmar Muslim Youths Organisation, Islam Religious Affairs Council, Ulama El Islam (Myanmar), Myanmar Muslim National Affairs Organisation and Mawlawee Organisation.

The leader of Islamic militants Abu Bakar Bashir, currently in prison in his country threatened jihad against Myanmar. A few hours after he said, terrorist were arrested for attempting to bomb the Myanmar Embassy in Indonesia.

Myanmar Police Forces are informed that the country will be attacked unexpectedly by foreign terrorists. Security has tightened across the country.


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