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Murdered Malaysian woman cemented into wall

Publication Date : 20-02-2013


A 39-year-old Malaysian woman has been found murdered in Brunei's Bandar Seri Begawan, and her body cemented into a wall at a friend's house here.

Voon Su Ching, who was in the car wash and repair business in Brunei, had gone to the friend's house to keep an eye on the bungalow for the owner, who went back to her hometown for the Chinese New Year.

Voon was given a set of keys to the premises.

When the owner returned on Sunday night, she spotted the 3m-high strange cement slab in the garden. There was a stench coming from it.

She lodged a police report the next day, leading to the recovery of Voon's body, five days after she went missing last Wednesday.

It is believed that the murderer had covered Voon's body with zinc sheets before pouring cement on her.

Police have detained a man, in his 40s, to assist in investigations.

He was spotted sending two trucks of cement to the crime scene.

Police have yet to ascertain the motive of the murder.


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