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Mt. Sangeang Api continues to spew volcanic ash

Publication Date : 01-06-2014


Mount Sangeang Api on Sangeang Island, Wera district, Bima regency, West Nusa Tenggara continued to spew volcanic ash after it erupted on Friday.

Thousands of residents in the villages in the three closest districts to the volcano are reportedly in urgent need of masks and clean drinking water.

“Until Sunday morning, there were reports of volcanic tremors. Volcanic activity including gas and volcanic ash had also occurred, but this is now in decline,” the province’s Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) head, Wedha Magma Ardhi, told The Jakarta Post in Mataram on Sunday.

He said Sangeang’s declining volcanic activity could be seen from the smoke released on Sunday, which was less thick than on previous days. People in Wera village, Wera district, could also now see the volcano’s peak, which was previously obscured by smoke.

A disaster relief team dispatched by the NTB BPBD arrived in Wera district, Bima, on Saturday morning, to distribute masks, emergency tents and ready-to-eat food to locations prepared for evacuation.

Wedha said there had been no mass evacuation as the volcano was located on Sangeang Pulo island, around 10 kilometers from Bima’s mainland. Sangeang Pulo was also uninhabited.

It is reported that around 40 farming families from Wera district use lands on Sangeang Pulo for farming.

“They were all evacuated before the volcano erupted on Friday,” said Wedha.

He said people in three districts, namely Ambalawi, Sape and Wera, the three closest areas to the volcano, still needed a supply of masks and clean water. The Social Affairs Ministry and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) had also provided emergency assistance to those affected by the eruption.

"Emergency relief has been delivered via land as Sultan Salahuddin Airport in Bima is still closed due to volcanic ash," said Wedha.


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