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M'sia's taxi industry needs 'cleaning up'

Publication Date : 03-02-2014


The Metered Taxi Drivers Task Force wants the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to fix the fundamental problems plaguing the taxi industry instead of just punishing errant cabbies.

Its chairman Amran Jan said the industry should be “cleaned up”.

“We don’t have a problem if errant taxi drivers are suspended, but there are still many things that have not been solved, like gangsterism, territory control, touts, foreign drivers and too many taxis,” he told The Star.

He said some cabbies were forced to overcharge simply because the system was tipped against them and many had to fight hard to survive.

“It won’t help if SPAD just tries to control taxi drivers’ attitudes and doesn’t improve the system. The drivers will feel pressured and will revolt,” he said.

Association for the Improvement of Mass Transit spokesman Moaz Ahmad said the behaviour of drivers was only part of the problem plaguing the industry.

He said there were too many taxis in the Klang Valley (37,000), and that SPAD had to work with local councils to police the industry.

“We do not feel that a national regulator like SPAD will ever be able to properly organise public transport at the local level,” he said.

Moaz said enforcement standards were too limited, adding that it did not make sense for different government agencies to get together just to monitor drivers.

“If we really want to change things, we need to empower all uniformed services to enforce regulations related to non-criminal activities rather than have separate agencies with each restricted to its own area,” he said.


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