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M'sian woman who trespassed into S'pore mentally ill, says family

Publication Date : 24-01-2014


The 28-year-old Malaysian teacher caught for criminal trespass in Singapore has a long history of mental illness, according to her aunt Hanifah Che Pi.

She claimed that the woman, the eldest of five siblings from Pendang, some 50km from here, has been on medication for the illness since she was a teenager.

However, despite her illness, she scored 7As in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia in 2003 and graduated as a teacher from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2010.

Hanifah, 40, said her niece had to be on medication constantly or she would suffer from depression.

“I have taken care of her when she suffered depression in school and during her university years. When she is ill, she becomes quiet and has to be spoon fed but when she is feeling alright, she is a sweet and intelligent girl,” said the housewife.

She said that last November, her niece who teaches in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur came home during the school holidays and did not show any signs of depression until end of the month when she became quiet and refused to talk to anyone.

“One day she walked to my house, located 100m from hers, crying and I immediately knew she was ill. I took care of her for two weeks till she was better and she returned home.

“Earlier this month, her brother told me she had gone back to Kuala Lumpur despite being on medical leave,” she said when met at her home.

It was reported that Singapore police arrested the woman on January 20 at the compound of the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs for criminal trespass.

The woman is reportedly also being investigated for evading immigration clearance.

Another aunt Khodijah Shariff, 57, said the family was puzzled over why the woman had driven to Singapore.

The authorities hope that the family of the woman, who drove through checkpoints in Singapore and Malaysia and later crashed through a security barrier at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the republic, will be able to shed some light on the whole situation.

Deputy Malaysian High Commissioner Kamsiah Kamaruddin said that the 28-year-old still did not utter a word about the incident and had been sent to a mental health institute in Singapore for assessment.


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