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M'sia Airlines union concerned over probable layoffs

Publication Date : 11-05-2014


Malaysia Airlines Employees Union (Maseu) has expressed concern over speculation that there might be a reset of MAS maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

Its executive secretary Mohd Jabarullah Abdul Kadir said some 4,000 employees, including ground staff engineers and technicians, working under MRO services, were unsure whether they would still be able to keep their jobs after the resetting process.

“We were told that the top management is preparing a working paper to reset the MRO from MAS but the decision has not been finalised yet.

“If the speculation is true, the resetting process will affect MAS’ identity as MRO has always been a critical component in the company,” he said, when contacted yesterday.

Maseu is the biggest union at the airline which claims to have about 15,000 members of the 20,000 MAS workforce.

He said the resetting process could damage MAS’ excellent safety maintenance record as it could involve the selling of MAS’ MRO shares to other private entities.

“We must look at the bigger picture and the implications if they decide to reset the MRO. The morale of MAS airlines staff has been low recently and this will create more uncertainty.

“MRO has been with MAS for more than 46 years and we believe that it should continue to be a part of our national carrier,” he said.

He also noted that the MRO’s expertise in maintenance support had been recognised locally and internationally and urged MAS top management to explain whether there would be a reset of the MRO services.

“We have our own local experts to carry out the maintenance support and we do not want the resetting process to bring more problems to MAS,” he said.

MAS declined to comment when contacted.


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