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Men in black terrorise 30 establishments

Publication Date : 12-01-2014


Three groups of men dressed in black and wearing hoods went on a shooting spree here, attacking about 30 establishments including hotels, banks and restaurants.

There was panic in Sabah as word spread that establishments in Kota Kinabalu, Luyang, Inanam and Penampang were hit by the wave of shootings, raising the spectre of another incursion like the one in Lahad Datu last year.

Glass panes and doors of the targeted hotels, shopping malls, banks and fast food outlets were riddled with bullet holes or shattered in the shooting between midnight on Friday and 1am yesterday. Luckily, there were no injuries or casualties because the attack happened so late at night.

At least six people in two 4WD vehicles and a car are believed to be responsible, firing air guns and using ball bearings as bullets.

A CCTV footage taken from a budget hotel at Damai in Luyang gave an indication on who the shooters were.

The footage showed two menacing-looking men holding what appears to be a firearm rushing away from the scene. One was wearing a black

shirt with a surgical mask while the other wore a cap and hooded sweater. Both were in slim fit jeans.

In another footage, a black-shirted man wearing a surgical mask is seen holding what appeared to be a pistol in ungloved hands. He appears to be walking in to fire a shot.

The CCTV footage also showed a vehicle speeding off from Luyang after several “shots” were fired at the hotel entrance around midnight.

“They drove off very fast after the shooting,” said restaurant supervisor Dominic Peter who viewed the footage.

“You can’t really see much but they looked young,” said Dominic who found out about shooting spree yesterday morning.

A security guard at one of the banks targeted by the group in black said he heard something hitting the glass door.

“As I went to investigate, the glass pane collapsed,” he said, adding that he did not realise that it was an attack.

The guard said he had initially thought someone had thrown an object at the glass pane.

“Sometimes, these glass panes can just crack and break and I thought that was what happened,” he said, adding that he did not notice any car fleeing the scene.

Police have obtained footage from the various targets and were working on leads to establish the identity of the suspects.



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