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McDonald's Malaysia, employees hurt by boycott, harassment

Publication Date : 09-08-2014


McDonald’s Malaysia is appealing for rational thinking after several of its outlets here were subject to protests the past few days over claims that the chain diverts part of its profit to support Israel’s war in Gaza.

According to McDonald’s Malaysia, some of its employees had to endure harassments, threats and verbal abuse following calls for a boycott after certain quarters claimed that the fast-food chain was providing funds for Israel.

In a statement, McDonald’s stated that some of its outlets were vandalised to the extent that they had to shut down for the day.

“The reality is that our employees and franchisees have done nothing wrong,” said the statement.

“Let us all remind ourselves that we are Malaysians and we share a common bond. We can agree to disagree respectfully.”

Most customers said it was the people’s right to boycott, but drew a line when it comes to vandalism and abuse.

According to IT specialist Jeffrey Chiam, 25, most of his friends had boycotted the chain but he criticised those who had taken extreme steps to vent their displeasure.

“Instead of boycotting, why not donate or volunteer to help the people in Gaza,” said college student S. Arshveen, 23.

At Kluang, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said that the public should think through any act of boycott carefully.

“The public should recognise that the workers and owners are Malaysians,” he said after opening the Kluang Umno division wings meeting here yesterday.


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