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Malaysian opposition party sacks three members for militant activities

Publication Date : 15-07-2014


Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) has sacked another three members, including University of Malaya lecturer Dr Mahmud Ahmad who has been missing in action, for suspected involvement in undesirable activities.

PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali said the central committee had endorsed the sacking of the three members, in line with the party’s stand against non-peaceful approach.

The other two members sacked are Muhammad Joraimee Awang Rimee, 39, and Mohd Najib Husen, 36.

PAS had earlier on May 11 sacked Mohd Lotfi Arrifin for taking arms in Syria.

“Party president (Abdul Hadi Awang) had already issued warning that members involved in non-peaceful movements would be immediately sacked,” he said.

Mustafa said although the party does not have any concrete evidence of the individuals’ involvement in militant activities, they had been sacked because doubts had been raised.

Mustafa said they had conducted their own checks before sacking the three party members who were involved in humanitarian missions in Mindanao, Philippines.

“Our sources could not confirm for sure if they were really involved in militant activities, as they are currently abroad and could not be contacted.

“But we sacked them anyway because elements of reasonable doubts had been raised,” he said.

Mustafa said however, those who had been sacked could file an appeal by showing evidence to clear their names.

Mahmud aka Abu Hanzalah, 36, is a lecturer at UM’s Department of Akidah and Islamic Thought.

Najib owns a stationery shop in Universiti Malaya.

Joraimee, a Municipal Council employee, lives near Mahmud.

Hadi had warned that the party would immediately sack members involved in radical or armed groups.



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