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Malaysian biscuit firm sees strong growth in Philippines

Publication Date : 26-08-2014


Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, manufacturer of Malaysia’s Julie’s biscuits, is bullish of a double-digit growth in the Philippines this year, buoyed largely by plans to further expand its distribution network in the country and introduce more products in the domestic market.

Perfect Food business development manager Wilson Lim said in a statement issued by the Trade Office of the Malaysian Embassy in Manila (Matrade Manila) that the company was expecting its sales to surge by as much as 60 per cent in 2014 from that of last year.

Compared to the level in 2011, when Perfect Food first entered the Philippine market, the 2014 projected sales will reflect a 233-per cent growth.

“We are optimistic with the Philippine market. Generally, the consumers look for quality biscuits and we foresee our biscuits will suit their taste. Moreover, this segment keeps growing,” Lim explained. “Our market is still very small in the Philippines, since we are here only for three years, but we believe there’s still plenty of room for us, as the [market] acceptance is getting better.”

Lim is optimistic on the growing market for its products with the support from its partners in the Philippines. The company is now in the middle of an aggressive marketing campaign to make their products known to Filipino consumers.

“So far, the most popular Julie’s products found in the Philippines are Peanut Butter sandwich, Cheese sandwich, Wheat cracker, Oat 25 Cookies, Butter waffles and Le-mond range sandwich biscuits,” Lim said, adding that these products are making significant headway and competing well in the imported brand segment.

Perfect Food already has made available in the Philippines an extensive line of sandwiches, oatmeal cookies, crackers, assorted tins, wafer rolls and other biscuit products. Next year, the company targets to launch Julie’s Hershey’s line. 


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