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Malaysia asks Syria to verify claims

Publication Date : 25-06-2014


The foreign ministry has asked Syrian authorities to verify allegations that 15 Malaysians who were purportedly involved in terrorism and jihadist activities with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) network have been killed in Syria.

In a statement here, Wisma Putra said it had learned that Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations had made the allegation at a press conference in New York on June 18.

The Syrian representative had also alleged that nationals from several Asean and other countries were also involved in such activities in Syria.

“As a peace-loving country that practises mo­­de­ration, Malaysia abhors and does not condone any act of terrorism or extremism by any party, including by its own nationals.

“In this regard, the ministry is working closely with the relevant Malaysian authorities and has requested the Syrian authorities to verify the allegations,” the statement said.

ISIL has gained notoriety as a terror network that carries out ruthless attacks against Shi’ite Muslims. More recently, anti-terrorism enfor­cers uncovered several training sites, including in Port Dickson and Kuala Kangsar, suspected of having ISIL support.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has yet to receive any confirmation from Iraqi authorities that alleged militant Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki was involved in a suicide bombing that killed 25 elite soldiers at Iraq’s SWAT headquarters last month.

Nadia Hidayat, head of chancery at the Malaysian Embassy in Jordan, said the Iraqi authorities had yet to “positively identify” the alleged suicide bomber who purportedly blew up the soldiers in Al-Anbar on May 26.

“And there is no official statement from the Iraqi government affirming the news pertaining to the attack,” she told The Star.

Nadia was commenting on reports quoting sources that Ahmad Tarmimi, 26, had allegedly earned notoriety as the first Malaysian suicide bomber and that he was linked to ISIL.


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