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MISSING MH370: Chinese families refuse to abandon hope

Publication Date : 20-03-2014


The families of Chinese passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines flight insisted that their loved ones could still be alive as they came to know about the findings of the objects in the south of the Indian Ocean.

Lido Hotel saw a heavy media and police presence as family members entered the ballroom to watch the press conference earlier broadcast live from Australia.

The pressmen crowded outside the briefing room, as they were not allowed in.

Hotel staff manning the entrance repeatedly told the reporters not to block the walkway but each was trying to get a good view of the families.

When the press conference was over, the family members walked out from the room in groups but most ignored the journalists' questions.

Only one man, Wen Wancheng, said: "I don't believe it" when approached by the media.

"My son is still alive. My son is still alive," said the 63-year-old from Shandong province.

There are 153 Chinese citizens on board flight MH370, whose relatives have been waiting for news at the Lido hotel.

Zhao Chunzeng, who declined to identify his relative on board, said families were seeking a confirmed discovery.

"We are waiting, just waiting and we can't respond to news until it is definitely confirmed," Zhao told AFP.

Asked if he felt that the Australian announcement had greater significance as it came from the prime minister, he said: "Maybe, but we will still have to wait and see."

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the government was paying "great attention" to the news from Australia.

"The Chinese side is ready to make relevant arrangements based on the latest updates," he said in a statement, without elaborating.


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