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MH370: Claims process simplified

Publication Date : 29-05-2014


Insurance companies in Malaysia have agreed to simplify procedures for processing claims from families of those on board the vanished MH370 flight who are eligible to receive compensation.

The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (Piam) said its members agreed that due to the nature of the tragedy, death certificates would not be required when the families submit their claims.

Its chairman Chua Seck Guan added in a statement: “We will also give special priority to speed up the claims payouts and enable the insured’s family members to quickly receive their settlements.

“From a recent survey we did, some insurers settled such claims within two working days of receiving the required documents from claimants.”

Chua said all 15 insurers that had directly insured the passengers and crew members of MH370 had also agreed to simplify claims processes.

To file a personal accident insurance claim, the affected family members will only need to present the completed claim form and other relevant documents except the death certificates.

Families can contact Piam’s complaints action bureau via email at or by phone at +603-2274 7395 for further information.                  


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