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MH370 CRASH: Thai satellite detects debris

Publication Date : 27-03-2014


A Thai satellite has detected 300 floating objects in the Indian Ocean, about 200 kilometres from the international search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Anond Snidvongs, executive director of Geo Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, said Thaichote satellite or Thailand Earth Observation Satellite, has recorded the objects on March 24 at 10am local time.

Some objects were more than two metres long, Anond said.

The detection resulted from Thailand’s cooperation with Malaysia in finding the missing jetliner.

He said images of the findings had already been submitted to caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Caretaker Foreign Minister Surapong Tohvichakchaikul will forward the images to his Malaysian counterpart to examine if they were debris of MH370.

Thaichote or Thailand Earth Observation Satellite is a remote sensing satellite for natural resources observation.

Malaysia has concluded that the flight "ended" in the Indian Ocean and all passengers are presumed dead.

The latest lead was a satellite image showing 122 objects in the Indian Ocean, but the search teams comprising vessels and helicopters for various countries have not yet found them.


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