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'Liberation gave birth to rights, democracy in Cambodia'

Publication Date : 07-01-2013


Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) Honourary Chairman Heng Samrin said today that the liberation of the capital in 1979 gave birth to human rights and democracy in Cambodia.

Speaking at the 34th anniversary of the January 7 victory over Pol Pot, former Khmer Rouge leader of Cambodia, he said the CPP "continues to boost activities to protect and promote democracy and respect human rights in the country."

"Democracy and human rights in Cambodia did not appear and progress through speeches or reports ... They appeared with the survival of Cambodian citizens after the genocidal Pol Pot regime collapsed," he said.

"The January 7 victory brought Cambodian people the right to survive and other significant rights including the right of expression."

Heng Samrin, who is also now president of the National Assembly, added that "all politicians have to see the progress and encouragement of these results and not insult Cambodian sovereignty."

An estimated two million people died during the Khmer Rouge regime which was overthrown by Cambodian defectors supported by Vietnamese troops.

Heng Samrin himself served as head of the People’s Revolutionary Council of Kampuchea, the provisional government set up a day after the January 7 victory.

Following elections in 1981, he became head of state as president of a newly-formed State Council.


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