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Laos approves policies to spur economic growth

Publication Date : 26-02-2013


The Lao government last week approved a number of documents specifying policies to boost investment and drive economic growth, at its monthly meeting for February.

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong presided over the meeting which ended on Friday and was held at the Government Office, according to the Lao News Agency.

Among the items approved was a draft presidential ordinance, which specifies policy to promote investment in focal zones in rural and remote communities administrated by central government agencies and local authorities.

The meeting also approved a draft Prime Ministerial Decree on the implementation of the State Investment Law, with the decree providing clear explanations and directions concerning the execution of the law.

The Cabinet also approved a draft Prime Ministerial Decree giving guidance on estimating the value of assets owned by persons involved in disputes, who have come before the court. This information will enable law enforcers to implement the rulings made by the court and use a person's assets to pay any costs involved.

The meeting reviewed improvements to the national socio-economic development plan for 2011-2020. The changes will make the plan more applicable to the current conditions and requirements for socio-economic development.

Cabinet members agreed to the replacement of old water pipes with new ones over a distance of 200 km, and to procure equipment for purification and other processes involved in water supply.

Prime Minister Thongsing instructed Cabinet members to focus on the planned activities that fall within their scope of work and responsibility during the month of March.

In particular, he asked Cabinet members to continue to provide guidance on tackling societal problems such as robbery, mugging, theft, drug-related issues and road accidents, which continue to be threats to public safety.

Cabinet members were asked to pay particular attention to regulating the price of goods sold in markets in order to prevent price fluctuations, which could seriously affect people lives.

Prime Minister Thongsing advised meeting participants to do all they could to help boost agricultural production during the dry season and to prevent disease outbreaks.

The Cabinet was also told to offer guidance and to closely monitor work towards alleviating poverty.


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