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LONDON SLAVERY: Investigations to take one yr, 50,000 documents to review

Publication Date : 05-12-2013


The investigation into the case of Siti Aishah Abd Wahab, the 69-year-old Malaysian woman who was allegedly held for more than three decades by a cult-like Maoist sect in London, may take up to a year.

"From the information I got from the embassy and police, the investigation is still ongoing and it will probably take a year as there are over 50,000 documents to review," said Malaysian political activist Hishamuddin Rais.

"Whether she (Siti Aishah) wants to come back, the question is open. She is a free citizen.

"I understand that she is a permanent resident of Great Britain, so she is free to go in and out of the country," said Hishamuddin.

He also said that he did not personally meet Siti Aishah while he was in London, but her older sister Kamar Mautum met her at an undisclosed location.

"Previous reports said that they met for 40 minutes, but they actually spent an hour and 40 minutes together," he said, adding that Siti is currently under medical care after suffering a stroke recently.

Siti Aishah's family in Malaysia is said to be relieved and thankful that she is safe.

"They're relieved that she has been identified and released. There are no question marks any more and we know she is safe," said Astro Awani magazine editor Zan Azlee, who is related to Siti Aishah.


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