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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's dreams come true

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sings at Gold Disc Festival, the pre-event of The Japan Gold Disc Award 2014, on Feb. 22, performing her latest single, “Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring”. (©Recording Industry Association of Japan)

Publication Date : 21-03-2014


The Japanese singer attracts a lot of attention because of her sartorial choices


Two and a half years after she first came onto the scene, there aren’t many people left who don’t know her.

In high school, her friends called her “Kyary”. “Pamyu Pamyu” was her own addition. She liked the sound of it and thought it was cute.

“I thought it would be boring to have an ordinary name. I was just joking around when I made it up, but look what’s happened with it,” Kyary Pamyu Pamyu said, smiling.

Today, she’s touring the world, with people flocking to her concerts.

“Last year I travelled around to so many countries on my first world tour. It really touched me that there were eager fans waiting to see me everywhere I went. That so many people wanted to see me in faraway places across the ocean makes me feel really lucky and really happy,” she said.

She began working as a model for fashion magazines when she was in high school. After graduating, she made her professional debut in earnest. But she had her share of worries.

“All around me, my friends were going to university or starting new jobs, and I was the only one who had not resolved anything. It made me feel anxious,” she confided.

Kyary’s debut mini album raised eyebrows and won praise as “kawaii” (cute) in Japan and around the world, after its release in August 2011.

Despite the anxiety, she said, “I think I was really lucky when I made my big debut after graduation.”

One part of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s persona that always attracts curiosity is her clothes. Does she have a secret?

“I don’t have any special obsession or fixed rules when it comes to fashion,” she said. “I put on whatever I like that particular day, whatever feels cute. To be honest, maybe I’ve felt for a long time that I don’t want to wear the same clothes as everybody else.”

But her look hasn’t always been so welcome.

“There were times when my appearance surprised people, and they wouldn’t accept me because I looked too estraordinary,” she said. “But I think I am where I am today because I’ve stuck to what matters to me. It’s important to stay true to yourself if you can do it without making trouble for the people around you.”

Kyary seems to be steering a clear course through to her dreams. But she still makes the occasional blunder. She said she has bitten into what looked like an apple but turned out to be a potato.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s second world tour kicked off in February in Seattle. The KPP Nanda Collection World Tour 2014 takes its name from her second album “Nanda Collection,” which was released last year.

She toured San Francisco and Los Angeles before a brief return to Japan. She flew back to North America for concerts in Chicago, Toronto and New York last week.

Her next overseas stops are in Sydney on March 23, Hong Kong on April 5, Paris on April 25, Cologne, Germany, on April 27, London on April 29, Taipei on May 30, Singapore on June 21 and Bangkok on June 28.

Tokyo dates are set for May 17 and 18 at Zepp Tokyo, with tickets on sale to the public from March 22. For details, call (03) 5720-9999.

Back home, the pop star’s busy schedule also brings her to ZIP! Haru Fes 2014 in Tokyo on March 27 (, Japan Girls Expo 2014 in Osaka on April 12 (, GirlsAward 2014 in Tokyo on April 19 ( and Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival in Tokyo on May 24 (


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