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Kia to accept pre-orders for new K5, K7 hybrids

Publication Date : 02-12-2013


Kia Motors has announced it would begin taking preorders Monday of its new K5 and K7 hybrids that are set to launch on December 16.

The remodeled vehicles - newly named the K5 Hybrid 500h and K7 Hybrid 700h - lead the lineup of the company’s midsize and large hybrids and mark the official kickoff of its full-scale entry into the market, the company said.

Kia Motors expects its new release to give consumers a bigger choice and ultimately widen the local market for hybrids, which currently stands at 2,400 vehicles a month in terms of production.

The K7 Hybrid 700h boasts 159 horsepower, a 2.4 MPi theta engine of 21.0 torque and a 35-kilowatt electric motor. It also measured a fuel efficiency of 16 kilometers per liter, which is said to surpass the fuel mileage of certain compact cars and is a 40 per cent improvement from the gasoline model of the same segment, according to the company.

The K5 Hybrid 500h will retain a fuel efficiency of 16.8 kilometres per liter and provide 150 horsepower.

Kia will also provide 500,000 won ($473), the supposed amount needed to fuel the vehicle for 100 days, to its preorder customers as part of its initiation event.

“The release of our premium midsize to large hybrid, the K7 Hybrid 700h, will represent Kia Motor’s vision to be a leader in eco-friendly cars and prove to be the answer to consumers’ demand for smoothness, comfort and fuel efficiency, to exist all in one package,” stated a company official.


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