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Kia global sales to hit 30m milestone in May

Publication Date : 20-05-2014


Kia Motors’ global sales are expected to top the 30 million mark this month for the first time since it launched its first vehicle in 1962, the country’s second-largest carmaker said Monday.

The carmaker, operating under the wing of Hyundai Motor Group since 2000, said accumulated sales stood at around 29.93 million units as of late April.

Considering that Kia has sold an average of 260,000 vehicles per month this year, the company said it is most likely to reach the significant 30 million milestone.

Kia is currently planning a promotion event involving 3 per cent lifelong discounts for up to 3,000 randomly selected customers among those purchasing Kia cars this month.

Kia’s first vehicle was the K-360 three-wheeled light cargo truck that was rolled out from its Sohari plant, south of Seoul. The carmaker sold 10 million units by 2003 and reached the 20 million milestone in 2010.

The company said Kia’s growth took off after it joined Hyundai Motor, with annual sales exceeding 1 million for the first time in 2004. In 2013, the carmaker sold more than 2.82 million vehicles.

From 2000 through late April, the carmaker’s sales exceeded 22.59 million cars, or three-fourths of the total cars sold throughout its corporate history.

Of the cars in its lineup, Kia said the subcompact Pride that was first released in 1987 sold 3.46 million units, making it the best-selling car. This is followed by the Sportage SUV and the slightly larger Sorento SUV, launched in 1993 and 2002, respectively.

Besides sheer volume, Kia said its overseas sales have soared, accounting for 84 per cent of all cars sold last year. The company reported that its first overseas sales were in 1975 when it shipped 10 vehicles. Kia currently sells in roughly 170 countries.

Kia said that according to Interbrand, a global branding consultancy, the company made the top 100 most-recognized brands list in 2012 and its brand value shot up 15 per cent to $4.78 billion. - With news reports


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