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Keeping it together amid anguish and despair

Publication Date : 09-03-2014


The words expressed here in print can well be overtaken by events, by the time you read this.

The mystery, the anguish, the hope and the anxiety surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours of Saturday must – in true newspaper tradition – be weaved into our editorial for today.

The nation is gripped in distress as we wait for official confirmation on what actually happened to the plane, with 239 people on board, including two infants, and the 12 crew members.

The families and loved ones of those on board are in tears, prepared for the worst, yet still hoping for a miracle.

The prompt international cooperation for search-and-rescue operations reminds us that we do not walk alone.

The social media is all abuzz and competing with the professional news portals and international TV stations to bring us the latest news and views.

In the process, we see both the good and bad sides of the information blitz.

The authorities, in particular Malaysia Airlines, did their best, under the most difficult of circumstances, to give us the latest and most accurate reports on a regular and sustained basis.

They have also been quick to debunk the false reports.

But there have also been unnecessary and, at times, insensitive remarks posted by those who seem to forget that there are many human lives beyond the 239 on board who are in a fragile and emotional state.

At times like this, the families of the passengers from 14 different nations need our prayers and our support.

They need to feel the bonds of love reaching out to embrace them.

Like the haze that is upon us now, it will be days before everything is made clear.

We have many questions that beg for answers but our immediate priority now, apart from locating the aircraft, must surely be on the welfare of those whose loved ones were on board Flight MH370.

And so we, as a nation, will remember them in our prayers and walk alongside them in their time of anguish and anxiety. We will stay together, as we weep together.


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