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KakaoTalk woos Malaysian users

Publication Date : 24-01-2014


KakaoTalk, the social media platform, has shifted into high gear here in Malaysia after its official launch on Wednesday.

Although KakaoTalk had already been available for download even before the launch, the service which originated from South Korea now has a presence here offering local content and services.

A subsidiary of MOL-owned Friendster, KakaoTalk Malaysia will nonetheless have their own team to work on the marketing and localisation of the application; with market research and execution all locally based and supported by insights from Friendster.

Because of its ties to MOL and Berjaya Group, KakaoTalk now boasts partners such as Starbucks, 7-Eleven, U Mobile, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Wendy’s, and Papa John's Pizza.

While MOL is known for its online game services and payment system, there are no plans for a shared service between the two entities for now.

Visitors to the KakaoTalk Malaysia website should see the presence of South Korean group Big Bang and Yuna. While the former is its global ambassador, Yuna has been roped in as an icon to help boost localisation efforts here.

According to KakaoTalk, it now supports 13 languages in 230 countries across the world including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, French, etc.

“It gives us great pleasure today to introduce the world’s larger-than-life mobile social platform, KakaoTalk to our friends here in Malaysia,” said Kakao Corp co-chief executive officer, Sirgoo Lee.

He added that all around the world, KakaoTalk has been actively connecting business partners, developers, content creators with consumers in an effective and engaging manner.

KakaoTalk’s range of content and services include mobile messaging, personal scheduler, business marketing, commerce, games, digital content, fashion and music.


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