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Japan funds school construction and expansion projects in Laos

Publication Date : 23-12-2013


The government of Japan has provided grant assistance of more than US$479,000 to improve education in Borikhamxay, Luang Namtha and Xieng Khuang provinces through its Grant-Aid Scheme for Grassroots Human Security Projects.

Grant contracts were concluded at the Ministry of Education and Sports in Vientiane on Friday between the Japanese Ambassador to Laos

Hiroyuki Kishino and the Director of Xieng Khuang provincial Education and Sports Department Boualee Phannavong.

Agreements were also signed by the Director of Laung Namtha provincial Education and Sports Department Bounchan Luangleuxay and the Head of Pakxan district Education and Sports Office in Borikhamxay province Bounhome Keomanisak.

The first project in Xieng Khuang province relates to the refurbishment of Phonchaeng Primary School, where the existing buildings are in poor condition and badly in need of upgrading.

The second project is to expand the Viengxay Lower Secondary School, where grade 4 is to be added this fiscal year and an additional 77 students to be enrolled.

The new buildings will include fully furnished classrooms, staff rooms for the teachers and newly refurbished amenities blocks.

Locally-based ST Construction Company have been contracted to undertake the construction works in Xieng Khuang province, which are expected to take five or six months to complete.

The third and fourth projects are to rebuild the Donxay and Hatngong lower secondary schools in Luang Namtha province. Currently Donxay Lower Secondary School caters to only grades 1 and 2, but grade 3 is to be added this year and grade 4 the following year.

These schools have many students from remote areas however the existing dormitories could not accommodate all those students and some of them had to give up school.

Two locally-based construction companies, those being Bounvong and Keoduangchai, will be responsible for these projects. Work should take six months to complete and over 230 students will benefit.

The last project is to expand Phosy Lower Secondary School in Pakxan district of Borikhamxay province. Currently the number of students per class is 52, which is a little overcrowded.

Currently there is no dormitory and 65 students from remote areas stay with their relatives, but it is burdensome for both students and their relatives.

Through this project, a block with fully furnished classrooms, toilets and a dormitory will be newly constructed with over 670 students set to enjoy the benefits.

Locally-based Souksavanh Construction Company will build the new school building and the dormitory, which should take four months to complete.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ambassador Kishino said that the five projects will help improve the educational environment of the respective schools and also enrollment rates among students, especially those from remote areas.

In his remarks, Kishino emphasised that “It is critically important that the benefits of these projects should be enjoyed by people in the respective local communities as this is the most significant characteristic of GGPs.”

Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun and other officials were present to witness the grant signing ceremony.





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