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Jakarta seen becoming unsafe for women

Publication Date : 02-04-2014


Jakarta Police have arrested two suspects in the murder of a Bogor civil servant named Ratu Herayani, proving right a warning by Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) that Greater Jakarta is becoming increasingly unsafe for women.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said on Tuesday that the police had arrested suspect Heri first in Serang, Banten, and later Nawawi in Pati, Central Java.

Rikwanto said that during questioning, Nawawi, the alleged mastermind of the murder, said he and the victim knew each other through Facebook.

Last Wednesday, Ratu was found dead in her car on Jl. Raya Serang in Balaraja, Tangerang.

The police report stated that Nawawi murdered Ratu, a civil servant in Parung Panjang district, Bogor regency, by strangling her with her hijab while Heri, Nawawi’s nephew, helped him subdue Ratu.

Rikwanto said before she was killed, Nawawi had met her several times. The police are investigating the motive, Rikwanto went on.

IPW chairman Neta S. Pane said on Monday that a number of murders of women this year indicated that Greater Jakarta was becoming increasingly unsafe for women. According to IPW data, 17 murders occurred between January and March this year in which the victims were women.

“Out of 17 murders, the bodies of 11 murder victims were dumped on the road,” he said.

He said that five women were killed in January, two in February and 10 in March. The motives of the murders varied, from economic problems to relationship problems.

Neta said that over the past three months, the murders mostly happened in Bekasi with six cases, the second most was in Tangerang with three cases and the third was in Depok with two cases, all located in West Java.

“Most of the suspects were people who knew or were close to the victims,” he said to The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

Nine cases remain to be solved by the Jakarta Police and the suspects are still at large, he said, adding that four victims remained unidentified.

Eight other cases revealed that none of the alleged killers were strangers to the women.

Neta said it was best for women to not go alone when meeting someone as some of the cases happened because the victims met the alleged perpetrators unaccompanied.

Last year, there were 74 murder cases in Greater Jakarta while in 2012 there were 72, Jakarta Police data shows.

Recently, the Legal Aid Foundation of the Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice (LBH APIK) said in its annual report that there was an increase in violence against women in 2013, from 654 cases in 2012 to 992 cases.

Rinto Tri Hasworo, a legal service coordinator for the LBH APIK, said that most of the perpetrators were close to the victims.

Case highlights:

• March 25: Zainah, 32, a food stall owner, was allegedly killed by a security guard named Ralim, 46, who worked beside her stall in West Jakarta. He allegedly killed her because she discovered that Ralim had stolen money from her.

• March 16: Kim Jueng Sim, 51, a South Korean woman, was allegedly killed by her driver, Albeno Sion Parulian Sarumpaet, 31, at her house in Bekasi. The police said the suspect killed her because he owed her a lot of money.

• March 16: Anita Ambarwati, 16, a vocational high school student was raped and killed in Depok. The suspects were acquaintances who allegedly raped and killed her because they wanted to strengthen their black magic powers.

• March 5: Ade Sara Angelina Suroto, 19, was killed in Jakarta allegedly by her former boyfriend Ahmad Imam Al Hafitd and his new girlfriend, Assyifa Ramadhani. Hafitd allegedly killed her because she refused to keep in touch with him, while Assyifa reported agreed to help because she was jealous of Ade.

• March 3: Desi Eka Sari, 19, a vocational high school student from Pemalang. Central Java, was allegedly killed by Irwan Alexandira, 23, whom she met on Facebook. The police said she was raped and later killed in Pantai Indah Kapuk in North Jakarta.


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