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Indonesia's PKS chief patron's son questioned

Publication Date : 26-02-2013


Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) questioned Ridwan Hakim, the fourth son of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) chief patron Hilmi Aminuddin, on Monday as a witness in a corruption case centering on the government’s beef importation program.

Ridwan is alleged to have been involved in the graft case in his role acting on behalf of a property businessman who procured beef for meat-importing company PT Indoguna Utama.

He is also alleged to have gained access for the businessman, identified as Sengman Tjahja, to his father, who would later influence the decision within the Agriculture Ministry.

The KPK issued a travel ban for Ridwan on February 8, one day after Ridwan left the country for Turkey. The KPK has also slapped travel bans on Ahmad Zaky, Rudy Susanto and Jerry Roger, witnesses in the graft case.

Ridwan’s father, Hilmi, is chairman of the PKS’ consultative council (Majelis Syuro). His responsibilities include deciding the party’s stance regarding certain issues and being given the authority to select party officials and evaluate their performance.

Hilmi selects PKS candidates for strategic positions such as ministers, state company executives, legislators, councilors and local administration leaders.


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