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Indonesian minister questions the use of fast Internet

Publication Date : 01-02-2014


Indonesia’s netizens have rebuked Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring for asking them what they would do with a fast Internet connection, in the wake of a global report that said the country’s Internet was the second slowest in the world.

“Dear tweeps, if we have a faster Internet connection speed, then what are we going to use it for?” he asked via his Twitter handle @tifsembiring on Thursday.

The minister’s question drew anger and insults from Indonesian Twitter users who viewed him as ignorant for not knowing the benefits of having a quick Internet connection.

Twitter user @Hestipanda responded to Tifatul’s message: “[To] send HD [High Definition] videos to [my] client overseas, [we have] deadlines. The only thing that can help us is Internet with a fast upload speed. Help us,” she said.

Tifatul responded by giving a series of reasons why most Indonesians had to be content with a slow Internet connection, attributing the problem to the exponential growth of Indonesian Internet users.


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