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Indonesian gov't retail saving bond sale misses target

Publication Date : 28-05-2014


The sale of Indonesia’s first ever retail saving bond, SBR001, has fallen short of the government’s target of 2.5 trillion rupiah (US$215.91 million), as the Finance Ministry’s debt management office announced it concluded the sale with a total of 2.39 trillion rupiah worth of debt paper sold.

The Indonesian government offered SBR001 from May 2 to May 22. Incoming bids reached 2.39 trillion rupiah, with 9,944 buyers coming from 34 provinces across Indonesia.

“This shows that the SBR001 sale is evenly distributed,” said Robert Pakpahan, the Finance Ministry’s debt management office director general, as quoted by

The biggest order came from Java (42.7 per cent), while the western part of Indonesia accounted for 47.8 per cent of the sale and the remaining 9.5 per cent was from

the central and eastern parts of the archipelago. Buyers included private sector employees (28 per cent), entrepreneurs (22 per cent), housewives (17 per cent), civil servants and the National Police (9 per cent) and others (24 per cent). Most orders came in the range of 5 million to 100 million rupiah.

US$1:11,574.1 rupiah


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