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Indonesia to protest Friday prayer raid by Czech police

Publication Date : 30-04-2014


Indonesian Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic is intending to file an official protest over the unlawful detention of an Indonesian diplomat during a raid on a Prague mosque conducted amid Friday prayers by dozens of Czech counterterror police officers.

“We demand an explanation over what happened during last week’s Friday prayer raid,” Indonesian Embassy social and cultural affairs officer Wahono Yulianto said on Tuesday as quoted by

Wahono was the diplomat held and questioned at the mosque by the police. He said the raid was conducted a minute before prayers began.

“While we were preparing for the prayer suddenly there was a shout from behind and a group of policemen came in, telling everybody to raise their hands. We were then questioned for around 40 minutes. We were freed as soon as they found our diplomatic passports,” he said.

The policemen were reportedly searching for suspects behind the distribution of a book titled, The Foundations of Tauhid: The Islamic Concept of God, which was deemed to contain radical teachings.


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