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Indonesia sets overseas vote counting for April 9

Publication Date : 01-04-2014


Indonesia's Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) head Wahid Supriyadi said ballots cast by registered Indonesian voters living overseas would be counted on April 9 concurrently with the legislative election in Indonesia.

"The counting of votes cast for the legislative election at overseas polling stations will be carried out at PPLN offices in those countries at the same time as the votes are being counted in polling stations in Indonesia," he said in Jakarta on Tuesday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

As of Monday, voting for the legislative election had taken place in five countries: Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark and Hong Kong. Votes were cast at six PPLN offices in Beijing, Brazil, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Santiago and Shanghai.

General Elections Commission (KPU) commissioner Ferry Kurnia Rizkyansyah said all the ballots were currently being stored at the Indonesian embassies or representative offices in those countries.

"Ballots cast at overseas polling stations have been put into the ballot boxes again and sealed. They are being kept in the PPLN offices and are being monitored by closed-circuit television (CCTV)," Ferry said.

Overseas voting began on March 30 and will continue through April 6 at 130 PPLN offices abroad. Up to 1,714 Indonesians living overseas have cast their votes in polling stations in their domicile countries.

"We haven't counted the overall voter turnout abroad because we are waiting for the return of postal ballots mailed to Indonesian voters abroad," he went on.

Besides voting directly at polling stations, Indonesian voters living overseas can cast their votes by placing their ballots in drop boxes or using an absentee ballot system via postal services in their countries of residence.


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