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Indonesia adopts 7-day rule at ports

Publication Date : 21-07-2014


The Indonesian government will limit the holding period for storage containers at ports in order to ease congestion in the facilities and improve waiting time.

Indonesian Transportation Ministry maritime traffic director Harry Budiarto said the maximum time ports could hold containers would be seven days after the goods from the container entered the port.

 If a container exceeds its holding time, port authorities will hand it over to the customs and excise department, giving the department full authority over the fate of the containers.

“The seven-day rule actually already exists. This measure aims to tighten it further,” Harry said as quoted by

The idling of shipping containers at ports such as Tanjung Priok in Jakarta is part of the issue of ship-dwelling times that are already lengthy.

Coordinating Economic Minister Chairul Tanjung said in June that the long holding times of emptied shipping containers were disrupting the flow of goods into ports, and vowed to cut the containers’ storage times to address the issue.

Aside from that, Chairul also pledged that the government would manage truck traffic at ports by asking state-owned port operator PT Pelindo II to provide more parking spaces for container trucks, which have been known to disrupt the traffic surrounding ports due to the lack of adequate parking.


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