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India's ruling party said to create obstacles to opponent's election rally

Publication Date : 01-04-2014


India's Trinamul Congress alleged that the ruling CPI-M in Tripura was creating obstacles so that the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee could not hold her election rally properly in south Tripura.

The Trinamul Congress general secretary and MLA Sabyasachi Dutta, who is in charge of Tripura election, told The Statesman that in order to create hindrance to Trinamul supremo Mamata Banerjee's rally, the Tripura CPI-M Chief Minister Manik Sarkar also convened an election rally just 30 kilometres away from where Banerjee was holding her election rally.

Dutta said Banerjee was holding her election rally in Shanti Bazar, 110 km from the airport while Sarkar was holding his meeting at Udaypur -30 km away from Shantibazar. He alleged that there was no rail link so all the Trinamul supporters who would attend the meeting would have to come by road and cross Udaypur to reach Shantibazar.

Dutta alleged that the CPI-M cadres were already threatening their party supporters and activists who were planning to attend the election rally of Mamata Banerjee.

He also said there were “disturbing news” that the CPI-M cadres had threatened the bus drivers and owners and asked them not to give any buses to the Trinamul activists and supporters.

Dutta also alleged that the CPI-M cadres had put up their party flags, placards, hoarding near the rally venue of the Trinamul Congress which was “unethical and unconstitutional.'

He also said repeated reports to the CEO in Tripura was of no avail as he had not instructed the CPI-M to pull down the flags from near the Trinamul's election rally venue.

Dutta also alleged that the CPI-M had put up their recent Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee and Sudipta Gupta's photographs -the SFI student leader who died in an accident in Kolkata while protesting against the ruling party- in the helipad where the chief minister is supposed to alight.

The Trinamul Congress is perturbed as Mamata Banerjee was not able to reach the party meeting in time. She even suspected foul play.

But the senior Trinamul Congress leaders including the party's all India general secretary held a high level meeting at the Trinamul Bhavan as she is supposed to take helicopter tomorrow to Tripura.

A senior CPI-M leader from Tripura, however, told The Statesman that it was true that Manik Sarkar would be holding the rally at Udaipur but the rally would be after Banerjee's rally.

However, he denied any threat to Trinamul activists and said that the allegation was totally baseless and in future the TMC may become an important political party but in this election it is not possible for them to win. 

“So why should we tear off their posters and that is not the political culture of Tripura,' he added.


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