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Indian emerging party AAP factor haunting major opposition BJP

Publication Date : 06-01-2014


The emerging Indian party Aam Aadmi Party's success in the Delhi Assembly polls seems to have greatly upset the current opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The party has not missed a single opportunity to convey to the general public that the newly-born outfit is playing second fiddle to the Congress and that the transparency and probity in public life espoused by it is merely an eyewash. 

And though the principal opposition party criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his scathing attack on Narendra Modi at his Press conference yesterday, senior BJP leaders said the party is happy because the PM has unintentionally brought the focus, which had shifted to Arvind Kejriwal following AAP’s stunning success in the Delhi election, back to Modi. 

The BJP was quick to point out that Kejriwal’s intended move to shift to a five-bedroom duplex flat was something that the common men and women in Delhi can only dream about. When the Delhi chief minister today announced that he would not move into the apartment on Bhagwan Das Road, allegedly on the advice of his well-wishers, the BJP national spokesperson, Shahnawaz Hussain, dubbed the very desire of Kejriwal to live in a five-bedroom apartment as “anti-aam aadmi”. 

The BJP, palpably concerned about the growing popularity of AAP across the country, has dismissed Kejriwal's party as one of the elite and not the common people. Hussain said the BJP is not impressed with all the talk of austerity by AAP leaders. He said several BJP leaders also lead a simple life. 

“There should be a similarity between what you preach and what you practice. By not using beacon lights on their cars, AAP leaders are behaving as if they have made a big sacrifice. Kejriwal had taken not one but two bungalows,” Hussain said. 

The BJP spokesperson also said that the covert understanding between the Congress and the AAP is becoming obvious with every passing day. The ruling party at the Centre is using AAP as a B-team to stop Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister as it does not have the capacity to do so, he said. 

“They know Modi will unfurl the Tricolour at Red Fort this Independence day,” Hussain said. 

Dismissing AAP, he added: “People are fast losing their trust in AAP. Their views have changed not in days but in hours.” 

He recalled that while earlier AAP had promised to put former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit in “handcuffs” for her alleged involvement in corruption charges against her government soon after coming to Asked about AAP's announcement to contest most Lok Sabha seats and its wish to see its leader Arvind Kejriwal as Prime Minister, Hussain retorted “Is Aam Aadmi Party leaving 150 for Congress? They should contest these seats also. The AAP is the B-team of the Congress.”  He also attacked the Congress, alleging it has not only brought bad name for the party but also sullied politics in the country. 

“By saying that inflation, unemployment and corruption are a worry, the Prime Minister has accepted the charges BJP has been levelling all along,” Hussain said. 



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