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India’s Modi to visit Japan in early July

Publication Date : 07-06-2014


Arrangements are being made for a visit to Japan by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in early July, it has been learned.

Government officials from both Japan and India told The Yomiuri Shimbun of the newly inaugurated Indian prime minister’s planned trip to Japan on Thursday. He will likely meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe while staying in Japan.

Since the time Modi served as chief minister of the western state of Gujarat, he has been known as a politician friendly to Japan, having been proactive in inviting Japanese corporate investment to India.

Modi has given top priority to rebuilding the economy of India, where annual growth has dropped to around 4 percent. He is thought to put great weight on relations with Japan, seeing the future of bilateral cooperation between the countries as promising, according to the Japanese officials.

On his visit to Japan, Modi and Abe are expected to discuss a range of topics of interest to both countries, according to the officials. These include the following:

—Accelerating bilateral talks, resumed last year, toward the early conclusion of a Japan-India atomic energy cooperation agreement.

—Exporting the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s US-2 amphibious search and rescue aircraft to India.

—Boosting Japan’s cooperation in improving Indian infrastructure, with an eye on introduction of a Shinkansen bullet train system in India.


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