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INDONESIA POLLS: Gus Dur followers monitoring elections

Publication Date : 09-04-2014


A network of followers and devotees of Gus Dur (former President KH Abdurrahman Wahid) or “Gusdurians” has dispatched 150 volunteers to observe the implementation of the legislative and presidential elections as part of its participation to ensure the legitimacy of the Indonesian democracy through a free and fair election.

“In the 2014 legislative and presidential elections, the Gusdurian Network (JGD) will implement its Election Results Transparency (TRaP) program. The program, which involves 150 volunteers will carry out legislative election monitoring activities in 120 regencies and municipalities across Indonesia,” said JGD TRaP national secretariat coordinator Aan Anshori in a statement in Bandar Lampung on Wednesday, as quoted by Antara.

The 120 regencies and municipalities are home to Gusdurian communities, which are composed of hundreds of members who agree to continue ideals and moral values of the late Gus Dur. The JGD TRaP is led by Alissa Wahid, the former President’s eldest daughter.

“The JGD TRaP emerges as a concrete effort of Gus Dur followers to actively participate in order to ensure improvements in elections in Indonesia. This country is in dire need of leaders or people’s representatives with integrity who are chosen through an election that is not manipulated,” said Aan.

He further said the cost of this year’s election was around Rp 15 trillion (US$1.36 billion), or double compared to the previous election.

Aan said the figure would be worth it if it led to improvements in the way the election was run.

“The JGD TRaP wants to ensure that this year’s election will not be marred by the same issues that have tainted previous elections,” said Aan. (ebf)


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