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Human trafficking ring busted in Jakarta

Publication Date : 21-03-2014


Indonesia's National Police have arrested two suspects for trafficking Indonesians to China and allegedly using them as illegal drug mules.

It is alleged that the suspects, identified as Yeti and Tanto, lured seven people into working in factories in Guangzhou, China last year. The two helped the migrants obtain passports and visas by using forged identity cards.

“They applied for short-visit visas for a 30-day period. (In trafficking the workers) Yeti cooperated with a Chinese citizen, Dong Liu, alias Emi,” a police investigator said at National Police headquarters in Jakarta on Thursday.

The migrants took a flight from Jakarta to Hong Kong and then a ferry to Shenzhen and eventually Guangzhou. After being sent to factories, the victims were coerced into forced labor.

The police arrested Yeti and Tanto in two separate locations in Greater Jakarta earlier this month.

According to their testimony, the suspects received payment ranging from 15 million (US$1,312) to 22 million rupiah for each worker sent to China.


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