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Help M'sian eateries go global, restaurateurs urge govt

Publication Date : 04-02-2014


The Malaysian government should highlight Malaysian-owned restaurants worldwide and help encourage local restaurateurs to open branches in foreign countries, said Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma).

Its president Noorul Hassan Saul Hammed said the world is becoming more “open” and Malaysians should grab the opportunity for international success.

He said several popular local Mamak restaurants had already opened branches in countries such as Hong Kong and Australia.

However, many Malaysians who travelled to these countries were not aware of the presence of such restaurants as there was not much media publicity.

“There are already quite a number of Malaysian-owned restaurants throughout the world which shows that our local food like roti canai and mee goreng are also favoured in foreign countries.

“Many owners opened up their restaurants in foreign countries through their own initiative to promote Malaysian food,” he said on Monday.

Noorul Hassan said the one-star rating given by Michelin Guide, an international benchmark for good food, to a Malaysian-owned restaurant in New York City recently should encourage more locals to follow suit.

He urged the government to provide opportunities for local restaurateurs to expand their businesses to foreign lands as that would also help promote the country.

Noorul Hassan said the best concept was for restaurants that sold signature Malaysian dishes that represented every community within Malaysia.

“Every community either Malay, Chinese, or Indian, has their own unique delicacy which makes Malaysian food stand out among others in the world.

“This is the best way to promote the country as most who have tasted Malaysian food will surely visit the country again later,” he said.

He also congratulated former national news agency Bernama journalist chef Nani Yusof Hughie for the recognition given by Michelin and described it as an appreciation and acknowledgement of Malaysian delicacies from the international community.

The restaurant is the first fully halal Malaysian restaurant in New York City.

It serves popular dishes identified with Penang’s Indian Muslim community.


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