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Google reaching out to young developers in Brunei

Publication Date : 10-01-2013


Google Developers Group (GDG) Brunei wants to reach out to young talents to help them become future developers of mobile applications and solutions.

Through organising activities such as workshops, code labs and hack-a-ton challenges, the group plans to take the country's top developers under their wing, where they can utilise support programmes, technologies and knowledge sharing from other experts within the group, and eventually tap into the fast-expanding Google application market and monetise their works.

Hj Azaman Hj Suleiman, the chairman of GDG Brunei yesterday told The Brunei Times that the Brunei faction of the GDG will be organising a number of programmes throughout the year aimed to spur interest among the youth in the Sultanate to become developer entrepreneurs and be part of the group to help strengthen the developer community in the country.

"Our target group has always been mainly the young developers from higher learning insitutions. We want to identify the talented students, give them exposure and let them know that there are opportunities beyond the classroom," said Hj Azaman.

Last year, the group in collaboration with DST Communications Brunei organised the first Google Development Festival (DevFest) in Brunei.

DevFest is an annual community-run event that offers speaker sessions across product areas, code labs and an all-day hack-a-ton challenge, during which the group identified local developers with innovative ideas and marketable applications and solutions.

This year, the GDG will organise a series of programmes aimed to reach out to younger audience in Brunei, the chairman revealed.

Under a new programme called Madkids [Mobile Application Development for kids], Hj Azaman said that the group is looking to collaborate with a number of schools in Brunei to organise workshops and code labs for lower-secondary students [Year 6,7,8 and 9].

He said that Madkids is aimed to spark interest for children to the world of application development, using an easy-to-use tool called App Inventor which allows them to develop their own apps.

"We want to instil that interest to the kids. We believe that children may also have the idea and talent. In other countries, there are a number of young prodigies who have actually build their own apps, so we want to see that here as well," said Hj Azaman.

The chairman also revealed similar programmes and initiatives tailored for female developers, which it plans to organise within the first half of this year.

He added that all these programmes would culminate with the next Google DevFest held later this year.

"We have become more active following the first DevFest. 2013 is finally going to be a busy year for us," he said.

GDG Brunei is an independent and non-profit organisation which advocates the sharing of knowledge among local developers using Google technologies and the mobile Android platform.

"Our motto is 'share, learn, develop and prosper'.

"It's a healthy cycle which we want to develop for the local develop community for the long-term, where successful developers share their knowledge and ideas within the community where new members can learn and apply them so that they can also develop new applications using the technologies available, and then benefit from their own startup, and then they will train new ones," Hj Azaman explained.

"Our challenge is similar to the GDG all around the world, we're constantly searching for talents to absorb them into the developer community in respective countries, so the country can prosper from a strong developer industry," he added.


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