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Getting Malaysian parents more involved in child's education

Publication Date : 20-02-2013


Malaysia's Education Ministry is proposing that parenting courses be introduced to encourage parents to be more involved in their children's education.

"Some parents may need additional help in learning how to interact and instil positive values in their children.

"We're looking at the possibility to hold such courses in partnership with other relevant ministries," Schools Management Division director Datuk Mazlan Mohamad said.

The ministry has developed a toolkit to guide parents on how to be more involved in schools and for schools to engage parents and the wider community.

The toolkits are initiatives under the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 to increase parental and community engagement in schools.

Mazlan told reporters that the toolkits had been distributed to all 10,019 schools in the country.

"Each school has received three sets of the toolkits, as well as a CD and it is up to them on how to disseminate this information.

"We have also trained 700 parents from parent-teacher associations on the toolkit," he said.

Mazlan said that the ministry will start measuring data on parental involvement in schools this year.

"Right now we don't have exact data on how involved parents are...From my experience, if it is an area where most parents are aware of the importance of being involved," he said.


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