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Gender inequality may impact Myanmar's economic development, experts say

Publication Date : 31-08-2013


Experts from various fields said on Thursday that Myanmar may face delays in its development if it did not improve the social and economic conditions of women.

Many challenges still exist for women in Myanmar due to over a half a century of gender inequality under the military regime, experts said.

"As we have lived under the military regime for half a century, men have taken the main roles in military administration.

"In every country that is ruled by a military regime, men always get the top positions. Therefore, the role of women has diminished in Myanmar after 1962," said Salai Issac Khen, executive director of Gender Development Initiative.

Myanmar is far behind other Asian countries in promoting gender equality. Furthermore, the country does not have accurate information to evidence the low number of women participation in various fields, he said.

Dr Nyo Nyo Thin, a female member of Parliament from Yangon said, "Female politicians don't get much support from the public. The government should get rid of the prejudice against female politicians.

"We need to condemn violence against women, human trafficking, as well as the act of not appointing women in important positions in government departments and private companies."

Currently, women participation in administrative, judiciary, and political fields only account for 4 per cent in Myanmar.


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