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Garment study on cards: Bangladesh PM

Publication Date : 14-02-2013


The Bangladesh government has moved to conduct a study on the garment sector, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in parliament on Wednesday.

She said a renowned local organisation will conduct the study to examine the number of garment factories on an area basis, total workers, and their problems and possible solutions to these issues.

The study will help the government and other stakeholders prepare a to-do list to bring global standards to the sector.

“Coordinated activities are a must to consolidate the sector, " Hasina said. The PM has formed a 10-member cabinet committee, led by the labour minister, for the sector.

Hasina also described how her government has already taken steps to establish a garment palli - a specialised zone for garment factories - and dormitories for workers.

She said the government, for the first time, has formed a 'national industries, health and security council'. And the formulation of a national policy is underway, she added.


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