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Four Nepali workers stranded in Iraq as boss flees

Publication Date : 27-06-2014


Four Nepali migrant workers have been stranded in Tikrit of the violence-ravaged Iraq for the past three weeks after their employer ran away fearing for his safety amid escalating violence in the Islamic state, said one of the victims over the phone.

Dhan Kumar BK, Santosh Lamichhane, Ajit Tamang and Prakash Bishwokarma are confined within their quarters to protect themselves, as thousands are fleeing the Iraqi city.

Apart from constant distress and apparent danger to their lives amid escalating  violence, BK said they are finding it increasingly hard to sustain themselves due to shortage of food.

“We have been able to sustain ourselves just on flour that we salvaged from the hotel where we worked before it was closed down.

"Now we are faced with depleting food supply,” said BK, adding that they are also forced to drink contaminated water due to lack of enough drinking water while electricity to their quarters has also been severed.

 "Should anything happen to us, we may not even get medical attention in such a difficult situation," he added.

The  employers of these Nepalis have gone out of contact. “We cannot venture outside. We are living in constant fear as we often hear bombs explosions and sounds of gun fights throughout the night.

"Nobody knows what will happen next or what will happen to us. Our family members are also very worried,” informed BK. 

Their only solace in these times of hardship comes when their friends within Iraq and other foreign countries call them up and inquire about their whereabouts and condition from time to time.



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