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Former Nepali crown prince still recuperating in Bangkok

Publication Date : 21-02-2013


The health condition of Nepal's former crown prince Paras Shah, who suffered a heart attack on Tuesday in Bangkok, is slowly improving, but he is not out of danger yet, according to sources.

Shah’s condition is not yet stable and he is on a ventilator at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok. The Hospital confirmed that Shah had been admitted, but declined to discuss his condition. “Doctors said his condition is improving and he needs a full examination,” said Deputy Chief of the Nepali mission in Thailand Dornath Aryal. Shah had reportedly stopped taking medications prescribed for his heart condition, which could have led to the attack, the sources said.

“Doctors have installed a stent in his heart which is helping his heart function better. Once he starts recovering, doctors will conduct an MRI test which will ascertain his health condition,” said Fani Raj Pathak, a close aide to the former royals.

General Secretary of the Non-Resident Nepali, Thailand chapter, Sunil Khadka, believed to be a friend of Shah, said a Thai lady had taken him to a local hospital after the attack.

In 2007, Shah, 42, suffered a mild heart attack and had undergone treatment at the Kathmandu-based Norvic Hospital.

“Doctors told me that they were trying to conduct an MRI of his heart but that it was difficult to perform it under his current condition,” Aryal said from Bangkok. Shah, who has been in the limelight for various unsavoury incidents, had been living in Singapore. He later moved to Bangkok to start up a business after differences with his family members. He has been in Bangkok for a year-and-a-half while his wife Himani and their two daughters live in Kathmandu. Last October, Shah was arrested for possession of marijuana in Phuket and vandalising an apartment in Bangkok last December. Two separate cases were filed against him but he was subsequently released.

According to Aryal, five members of the former royal family - Rajiv Shai, Prerana Singh, Puja Shahi, Dilasha Shah and Adarsha Bikram Rana - reached Bangkok on Wednesday. However, Shah’s father, former king Gyanendra and mother Komal, are currrently in Bara in Nepal. Meanwhile, Shah’s youngest daughter Kritika, who was suffering from appendicitis, underwent an operation early Wednesday morning at the Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu. She was flown in from Bara, where her grandparents were celebrating Komal’s birthday.


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