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Few travellers in Brunei cancel bookings with MAS

Publication Date : 21-07-2014


Travel agencies saw little to no cancellations of bookings with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) from customers so far following news that one of it’s aircraft was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday.

Out of five travel agencies interviewed by The Brunei Times, only one company saw immediate cancellations, which were made yesterday morning.

The general manager of Century Travel Centre, C P Foo, said that 10 customers called to request cancellations of their purchased flights and bookings with the embattled airline following its second aviation disaster in four months which killed all 298 people onboard.

He could not recall exact details but said that the cancellations were “mostly done by people with flight plans in Europe.”

“There were customers who did call us to ask for more information on the event but not everyone cancelled their plans. Those who did probably decided to go with other airlines or deferred their travel plans,” he said.

“The customers who decided to cancel their plans did not really specify their reasons so it is hard to say whether it is a direct effect of what happened. There could be other factors,” he added.

But he expressed hope that bookings would normalise, saying: “Even with previous incident with MAS Flight MH370, the bookings and purchases started to pick up with us after a week or two.”

MH370 disappeared on the way to China from Kuala Lumpur last March 8. It’s been missing since.

He said that it was natural for people to be asking questions after what happened but he did not think that it would deter everyone from flying with the airline.

“What happened with MH17 was obviously tragic but we know that it is not attributed to mechanical faults. It is just unfortunate that tragedy happened twice with the same airline,” he said.

The managing director of Anthony Tours said that he has not heard anything from his staff about cancelled flight plans with MAS by customers.

Anthony Lim said that this could be due to the fact the company does not sell a lot of international flights with the said airline.

“We mostly promote flights by Singapore Airlines and Royal Brunei Airlines. Usually, most of the customers who do purchase flights with MAS are travelling regionally,” he said.

Freme Travel ticketing staff Giralyn Sanchez said that while there were a few enquiries from customers, there are “no cancellations with MAS at the moment”.

“There were some customers who called and expressed their concern over what happened, but none of them requested to cancel their flights,” she said.

She also said that the company continues to receive a few bookings to fly with MAS to various destinations.

Similarly, another ticketing staff at Ken Travel and Trading also said that she has not received any cancellations from customers.

“Most of our customers flying with MAS have made bookings for international flights and none have changed their minds,” said Agnes Wong.

A marketing staff from a Gadong-based travel agency also said that none of their customers have called to announce cancellations.

“What happened with MH17 was tragic event. However, that did not really affect our ticket sales with MAS,” said the staff who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


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