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Expatriate Bangladeshis show solidarity

Publication Date : 12-02-2013


Expressing solidarity with the movement in Shahbagh demanding all war criminals accused of murder, rape and other crimes committed in 1971 be handed death sentences, expatriate Bangladeshis all over the world are now seen staging protest programmes.

Hundreds of Bangladeshis living in Michigan, New York, Miami and New Orleans in the United States, Hamburg in Germany, and Perth in Australia staged demonstrations on Sunday while expatriate Bangladeshis in Philadelphia in Canada will organise a gathering on February 13, according to a press release.

Michigan demonstrators announced a public awareness campaign to be launched in the US in support of the trial of war criminals. They also urged US lawmakers not to be persuaded by lobbyists hired by identified war criminals and urged everyone to socially boycott these criminals including scrapping any ties with their controlled business establishments.

“We will ask our American friends to write to their elected representatives to support the judicial process against war criminals,” said Dr Ahmedul Hasan, a renowned physician.

In New York, expatriate Bangladeshis gathered for the sixth consecutive day to pledge their allegiance to the Shahbagh demonstration and demand for death penalty for all war criminals.

They also promised to provide federal authorities with all information they could get about war crime suspects hiding in the United States and to support the Bangladeshi government in bringing war criminals back to the country.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi students at the University of Bremen, Germany, gathered in front of their university to show their support to the Shahbagh demonstration. Students of the University of Hamburg and the University of Gottingen also joined the protest.


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