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Don't hire maids brought in with JP visa, M'sians warned

Publication Date : 15-01-2014


No matter how desperately employers need a domestic worker, they should not agree to hire maids brought in by agencies using the Journey Perform (JP) Visa, said the Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa).

“Too many employers have been cheated by unscrupulous agencies who bring in maids this way.

“If anything goes wrong, the employer is not protected.

“If the employer is abusive or does not pay the maid’s salary, the maid is also not protected as the way she was brought into the country is not legal,” said its president Jeffrey Foo on Tuesday.

The JP Visa is only legal when the employers themselves go to the source country, find a domestic worker there, bring her here and convert the visa into a work permit.

If they go through an agency, however, the agreement is not recognised by both governments.

Foo said many employers had been cheated by unscrupulous agencies over the past few years. He said the best solution was for employers to take the case to court.


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