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Diwali is sweeter with ladoo

Ladoo is a must-have an festive occasions like Diwali

Publication Date : 22-10-2013


The Diwali season proves that amid the vast variety of Indian sweets, the ladoo still stands strong as a favourite among many


There are many varieties of Indian sweetmeats but the ball-shaped ladoo still “reigns supreme”. And there can be no better testimony of this than when Diwali, or Deepavali, is around the corner.

And it is selling like hot cakes at the Punjabi Sweet Corner, one of Klang’s renowned Indian sweetmeat stalls.

The stall, located at Little India in Klang, sells about 1,200 ladoo daily during this period.

Though it may vary in flavours, "original flavour" ladoo is typically made using chickpea flour, wheat semolina and ground coconut, cooked in ghee.

Other popular delicacies there include the pakora and vadai.

According to shop assistant Jarnail Singh, 28, the number of ladoo sold increased as the Festival of Lights approached.

Diwali, or commonly called Deepavali in Malaysia, falls on November 3 this year.

“Normally, I sell about 500 ladoo a day. But this increases greatly during Deepavali,” he said.

The sweetmeats shop sells four types of ladoo – regular, Punjabi ladoo, orange and the semolina varieties – with the regular as the most popular.

The stall, which has been operating there over the past 19 years, is owned by Klang resident Dalbir Kaur.

Dalbir’s daughter Sharanjit Kaur, 32, said high quality ghee and dairy products were used to make the ladoo.


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