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'Despicable' minions

Photo shows the Minion toys which comes with the McDonald's Happy Meal.

Publication Date : 15-07-2013


Brunei catches 'Minion Bug'


Stocks of yellow, quirky-looking, overall-wearing toys from the high-grossing Despicable Me 2 movie have sold out in two days at McDonald's Brunei.

Introduced at the Sultanate's sole outlet of the global fast-food chain here on Thursday, the "Minion" toys were quick to woo the social network-connected Bruneian public as the movie released in local cinemas.

Sources at McDonald's Brunei said that the toys, which come with a Happy Meal, were out of stock by Friday and the next batch was expected to arrive on Thursday.

At least "eight cases" of the toys were sold on the first day, they said.

An enquiry made to McDonald's delivery line on Sunday evening found that the only toys currently available with the Happy Meal the cheapest at US$4.50 and comes with a beef burger, fries and soft drink were from Transformers and My Little Pony.

The employee on the line said the "Minion" toys were "hot sellers" and some customers had even asked to just buy the toy without the meal.

Members of the public who have already bought the toys said they did so after watching the movie, which came out last week ahead of the McDonald's promo, as well as after seeing people post pictures of them on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

"I think me and everyone that watched it (Despicable Me 2) has started getting the Minion bug," Mardi Hedus told The Brunei Times.

"It's not often you go into McDonald's and see a lot of adults, without kids, sitting down with Happy Meals, all for the chance to get their very own Minion."

"I think the minions are great and for all ages," Mardi said. "I have three already and I'm hoping to collect them all."

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) student Ng Chee Ta said he got his a day after watching the movie.

"I think people are buying it mainly because the characters are cute, I guess," Ng said.

He added that Instagram also had a role to play in fuelling the hype.

"Nowadays, things get viral very quickly in Brunei through Instagram, like Paddington Pancakes," Ng said, referring to the recent opening of the pancake restaurant chain's first branch in Brunei.

Fellow UBD student, Gladys Chua Chea Cyn felt she was lucky to have gotten our hands on the Minion toys.

She agreed that social media had some influence.

She said she didn't regret buying them but added that if she didn't manage to get them, she would have been okay with it too.

""But to other people, it seems like the toy is a must-have (because of) public pressure maybe."

She shared that her niece loved the toys despite not having watched the movie, proving that "the toys themselves are cute enough to get a kid to like them".

Chua was open to the idea of getting more if she dropped by McDonald's in near future. "I wouldn't purposely go there just for the minions again since I already got three."

The Minions are characters from the sequel to Universal Pictures-Illumination Entertainment's animation film, Despicable Me released in 2010. With a variety of personalities, the so-called Minions are assistants to the initially-evil scientist, "Gru", the main character of the film and are known for speaking their own language and comedic antics.

A report from said first-day sales of Despicable Me 2 in the US grossed $13.4 million, third only to Grown Ups 2 ($16.3m) and Pacific Rim ($14.62m).


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